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The company IT-Consulting Stephan Körting has been operating from Paderborn for more than 15 years, providing IT-Consultancy in the region as well as internationally. The core compentencies can be assigned in four groups:

  1. System analysis and design
  2. Consultancy of customers or suppliers of large scale IT projects ranging from conception and planning via tendering, acquisition and implementation to test, acceptance and operations
  3. Support and consultancy for small and medium-size companies
  4. Software design and development

It is the goal of all my activities, to enable the client to complete his tasks efficiently and to reach his business objectives. In order to achieve this, I support my client with IT-knowledge and method competence in order to utilize the available IT systems in the most effective and efficient way.


Please feel free to contact me for additional information or offers at any time:

EDV-Beratung Stephan Körting
Sternstraße 23
D-33106 Paderborn

Phone: +49 (0) 52 51 - 46 14

Email: koerting@edv-koerting.de

EDV-Beratung Stephan Körting  | koerting@edv-koerting.de