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For more than 12 years I am working as an independent IT consultant and system architect for eID and eHealth systems. These are usually large-scale national or international projects ranging from smart card based driving licence, electronic passports, civil register systems to health card projects.

In such projects I lead or participate in a number of activities:

  • System mission and system concepts
  • Studies on feasibility, security and other system aspects
  • Consultancy for decision makers
  • Field study
  • Requirements analysis
  • Business process analysis
  • System architecture
  • Technical documentation
  • Review of specifications
  • Tests, acceptance, audits
  • Support of the customer with technical expertise and project experience

By working for ordering customers as well as for suppliers of such large scale IT systems, I know both sides very well and understand a lot of the sources for misunderstandings between contractor and contracting body.

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