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This page provides you with a selection of skills and abilities, which are important for carrying out my job.

Use of international standards

While artistic freedom is very nice, large projects benefit from a methodological approach and from internationally accepted standards. Here just a few standards shall be named that were explicitly observed in at least three projects.

  • RM-ODP Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing, ISO/IEC 10746

  • V-Model
    (process model for planning and executing projects, that is maintained by the Koordinierungs- und Beratungsstelle der Bundesregierung für Informationstechnik in der Bundesverwaltung (KBSt), the German federal government's coordination and consultancy agency for IT in the federal administration).

  • ANSI/IEE 830 Software Requirements Specification

  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information technology – Security techniques – Information security management systems – Requirements

  • BSI 100-1,2,3
    (IT baseline security standards of the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, the German Federal Office for IT Security)

  • ICAO Doc 9303
    (international standard for machine readable and electronic travel documents)

  • ISO 7816
    (smart card standards)

System analysis and design

  • UML 2.0

  • Requirements management

Software know-how

  • Enterprise Architect (requirements management und UML modelling)

  • Rational Rose (UML modelling)

  • Delphi (object oriented programming language)

  • Microsoft Office (more than 20 years of experience)

  • OpenOffice.org

  • MS SQL Server

  • Microsoft Windows operation systems

On request I gladly provide further details my experience with additional tools for system design, software development or other operating systems.

Health care

  • e-Health

    • Cost-benefit-analysis

    • Business processes

    • Security concepts

  • Health insurance cards

  • Health care cards

  • Background systems

e-ID and e-Government

  • International ID projects

    • Civil register systems

    • ID card systems

    • Passport systems

  • Smart card know-how

    • Introduction and use of smart cards in health and ID sector

    • Smart card related business processes

    • Card and application management

    • Programming of multiapplication smart cards

Complementary Skills

  • Language

    • German (perfectly spoken and written)

    • English (excellently spoken and written)

  • Flexible working hours

  • Flexible place of work

  • Knowledge and experience in business administration and economics

  • Project management

  • Team capable as leader and team member


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